Before applying for a mortgage for your dream house, you should know some basic requirements to fulfill as follows:

The first, you have to get your credit report from the major credit reporting agencies. It reflects your credit payment history up to date (did you have bad credit or not), your balance and how much money you still owe. The report will determine if you are able or not to pay off the home mortgage you are applying for.The good report will make sure the lenders to approve your application.

However, you should check your credit report if it contains some errors of mistakes before submitting it to lenders as it may cause you pay more for the rate or your application rejected.

The second, you should know the current home mortgage rate as it fluctuates based on an economic condition. So, you exactly know if it is the right time to apply for a home mortgage.

The third, you have to choose the right mortgage program as there are a wide range of programs and loans available. You have to take amount of money you have for down payment and you can afford for monthly payment as well as the number of years you plan for the mortgage into your consideration. Besides, do not forget to compare the mortgage rate among the various lenders and a home mortgage package you get such as type of down payment, lock in period, payment schedule and so forth.

For other requirements you should check them out directly to the lending institution.


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