Sony Ericsson U10i Aino Review

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Unlimited Entertainment, Sony Ericsson is the concept of combining several multimedia features into a single series. Features Walkman, Cyber-shot, game, internet, all in the U series. Three products of U-series has officially announced the Sony Ericcson, this triumvirate is Satio (U1i), Aino (U10i) and Yari (U100i). All three are further divided by classes and features, if Satio is upscale HAPE once, Aino entered in the ranks of the middle class, upper class while Yari at the bottom. Not serious about it, its classification?

Well, Super Talent has come into the kitchen handphone to be reviewed. From this cellphone, you will know what the series actually. Aja features what brings, and what was prepared mixing the Sony Ericsson in the U series. Aino acknowledged for Remote Play features which can connect it to the PS3. Aino But more than just to be a remote device for another. Aino Okay, prove your abilities!


Slide, Super Talent has actually sliding design with hidden keypad area. But mobilers can see when Aino appear in a closed state, all thought this candybar design with a touch screen as its access technology.

In the standing position (vertical) and long-profile Aino appear on the front screen looks dominant. Although convenient, comfortable used in a vertical position, Aino body profile more cool actually using that in lying position (horizontal). Moreover, there are many more features at a maximum Aino used in a horizontal position.

Alphanumeric keypad of his own hide out in the bottom of the slide. Maybe I'll do more and longer length, area Aino appear small keypad with buttons packed surface. More and more crowded, there are also navigation buttons in the same area with an alphanumeric keypad Aino. It seems less convenient to use.

Incidentally HP products go to Aino doff black body color. Want just white but he said there are items. Featuring a textured plastic material body so that it is comfortable in our hand. Not afraid of slippery, not too afraid of getting dirty.


Here we can see how the Sony Ericsson concocted the U series. Virtually everything on the Super Talent is all about multimedia, some features of the other series mainstays like the Walkman player and a camera-style facilities in the Cyber-shot Aino. Then Sony Ericsson affix "flavor" of additional buried facilities sharing and synchronizing multimedia content on the Aino.

Ni we see one by one Aino ammunition. Starting from the screen, Aino had a 3-inch screen size TFT technology with a color depth to 16 million colors. Abis sophisticated sails, besides having an accelerometer for automatically changing the display modes, screen also features light sensor and touchscreen technology. Only touch screen features prevailing in the media center menu. Interestingly, the display menu of the media center UI very similar Aino same menu UI PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Next to the back first. Here are 8-megapixel camera, complete with Cyber-shot camera technology. Can not believe it? Here, the camera features, touch-focus, geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilizer, smart contrast, red-eye reduction, autofocus and LED flash. In addition Aino camera can record video with frame rate per second (fps) up to 30 fps in VGA resolution.

Music. Here's what I've been waiting for, you see, hear a hear a series of U Aino and other products carrying the latest version of the Walkman player. Whereas during this unprecedented addition to the Walkman phone series, which brought the Walkman player. The Aino is a Walkman player 3.0 and dragged Sony Ericsson adds some new themes which can change the look of the music player even more eye catching.

Internet. Web Series Generation (Series G) may be curious with data connection feature that is brought Aino. Aino item on the menu, we can use HSPA (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA 2 Mbps), WLAN 802.11 b / g, EDGE and GPRS for Internet access. Not only that, NetFront 3.5 browser has even more leverage Aino landscape display screen. One again, his WiFi connection is also used for supporting the DLNA feature, and Remote Play.


Remote Play itself is a feature that allows users to access multimedia content (video, music, pictures) on PS3 from Super Talent. WiFi is used as a bridge. In addition to Remote Play, Super Talent also uses WiFi as the access to DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). DLNA feature, W995 belongs very similar, both how to access and use

Featuring a menu of Media Center has a UI similar to the PSP's menu display gives this new color in a cellphone. Then, to access the menu even this we must use a touch of a finger. Yep, this is a touch screen menu in the Aino active and can be used. In tests, the touch screen is responsive enough to receive at your fingertips. In the media center, we can access video content, music, pictures and radio.

No one should doubt about the quality of the multimedia features of Aino. Music, so definitely yes really. Walkman player as always presents a fun musical sensation, helped us get the equalizer selection is pleasures. Another cool video player, with a screen resolution of 240 x Aino which reached 432 pixels, watch a movie so bad.

When using 8-megapixel camera Aino, I feel exactly why the camera mode UI with the Xperia X1 is not it? Well, it turns out similar. But this UI is very fitting applied to the screen with landscape mode. The image result was good, but I do not dare to comment first, because Aino that my review is a product prototype that is still not perfect.


I imagine if Aino is the result of the merger of Sony Ericsson HAPE HAPE-which is currently circulating, like the W995, and C905i G900i, plus a little mixed design. Look at the features, all in the third was in Aino HAPE. But I also remember the words of a wise man who said if a good HAPE will not be successful without the support of good content. So, Aino have a good support multimedia content to support the completeness of its features. Extra work for Sony Ericsson.

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