stop dreaming start actionStop Dreaming Start Action has to be embedded in our brain to immediately end never ending dreaming without taking any concrete action. Indeed, it is entitled to every person to dream even to become a king because dreaming doesn’t cost anything, but dreaming without action will not bring us to our goals. Moreover, for those of you who run Internet business must stop dreaming start action. Although it is a simple, you have to believe that this principle will bring you to your success.

Many people, especially who run internet business think that they easily achieve success overnight. However, remember that in the internet business and other businesses, there is no overnight success because it is certainly the price to pay.

Stop Dreaming Start Action is actually the slogan for to invite the loyal readers to not only dream, and even blame other people on their failure in their business. Joko Susilo really understands how difficult make the dream come true: starting step by step to get the top. And it is actually very simple, namely Stop Dreaming Start Action.

Many convenience and facilities such as electric power, railway, aircraft and the Internet are the fruit of the dreams that are implemented with a variety of real action. Dreams become the starting point of an aspiration and hope for people because with dream you have a picture of a sketch to be realized. How can you be successful if you do not have a pictures or dreams that are no cost at all.

I am sure that stop dreaming start action means that you should not a dream at all because the dream will always make our lives alive. However, Stop Dreaming and Start Action has the meaning that you can not only dream without taking any action.
In order to implement that slogan, the following things you should note:
1. You must have dreams
Of course you have the aspiration and hope in this life and that it is free. Therefore, let you dream before it is prohibited. So, do not ever stop dreaming ..!
2. Define your dream and stay focus.
You certainly have many dreams that are developed in line with the process of life. Your childhood’s dream might be different from your current ones. However, at this time your task is to select and determine the dream so you can focus to achieve. The more focused and clear the description of yours the easier to achieve the goal.

3. Start with the Most Simple Step
Starting with small steps and simple according to your ability at this moment. By the continuously learning process, you can also solve more difficult and complex problems.

4. Do consistently and continuously
There is no other way to realize the dream unless you take action consistently and continuously. Do with your earnest, I am sure your dream will become reality.


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