Are you newbie in internet business (bisnis internet), you will get tons of information that make you confused which ones suitable for your business. One thing that you have to learn more if you are serious in this business is how to optimize your website in order to bring it to top page of search engines.

I will discuss the essential things you have to know if you want to boost your sites' ranking as follows:

Google likes content.. Yes the first thing is you have to write a unique and useful articles. Co not duplicate other contents or you just re write from other sources. Besides, it would be better if you produce totally new articles in order to attract visitors and search engines.

Do not ever steal other articles or you can be penalized by google. Do not forget to optimize certain keywords especially long tail keywords first to beat the low competition. Why? Because your sites will be ranked well in ease of search engines. You can use some keywords tool analyzer to find many searchers of certain keywords with minimum competition. Please not to include more than 4% keywords or search engines will assume that you make spam keywords in order to get high ranking.

As a results, you will not get the good position. If you have done your above jobs, your next jobs to do is to get as many as backlinks from other sites. I usually say "inbound links. The more you get the better your sites will ranked because search engines consider that it is like a vote to your site. How to find good backlinks? The important things is to write articles or contents which are relevant to your site and submit to article directories.

Do write consistently and insert your anchor texts linking your URL address such as" stop dreaming start action" and I am sure you will get great results. You will take several advantages if you optimize you websites. Some are the free visitors from search engines based on the keywords you have targeted, more sales if you promote your products or you just sell others' products, and more clicks for your adsense.



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