long tail keywords
One of SEO strategy is long tail keywords. It is important to us to learn long tail keywords and apply them to our site or blogs to get more visitors and optimize our sales if we are business owners or just affiliates. Below are the reasons why you should optimize your blogs with the long tail keywords, are as follows:

1. Long tail keywords are very influential on increasing the conversion. Visitors who have come through some keyword phrases in the search box, they seriously want to find specific information and if the keyword is on products that you offer, the possibility is that they want to make a purchase. By selecting variations of the word (phrase), you can target potential market.
2. Long Tail Keywords are easier to get ranked. It is much easier to get you blog or sites ranked in the first page of google because the competition is weak.
3. There are more visitors come to your site or blog. With long tail keywords, slowly but surely the visitors via search engines will increase because you have several articles (or even many) that are indexed and well ranked in the google. Moreover, if the keywords are related to your online business (bisnis internet) you will get great opportunity to sale your products
4. Increase the potential of monetizing.It is not a secret that visitors via search engines is very valuable because these visitors are looking for specific information and will click all the ads in your blog. As a result, your fans are increasing and that will increase the potential for long-term monetizing through product sales or advertising of any other party.
Well, now is how to find long tail keywords that are relevant to the site and your niche. Here are some methods you can use:
1. Online Keyword Research Tool
You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool and SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool, because the tool is, you can easily choose a profitable niche (from the SERP as well as the business of course). In addition, you can develop variations of keywords derived from the main keyword. I often use Google Adwords Keyword Tool because it is easy to use.
2. Finding Long tail Keywords competitors
You can find your competitors’ long tail keywords strategy because they have been doing a number of targeting long tail keywords before. And you can also do the same with your blog to optimize your site and write new articles for new keywords.
3. Building on long tail keywords naturally
This is a very simple and easy to build the long tail keywords because you do not need to do research. You only need to update your blog regularly with new articles by placing the friendly keywords.

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