Sit on the buyers’ chair…! That's the best way to understand what the buyers’ thought. If you want to get feedback from visitors, make sure that you have did what they want? Perhaps, your customers buy your products that it is not the main product, but the free product that you give. Understanding the mind of customer is the important thing in your business. Why? If you understand well what the customers want, you will improve your services and update all your products. In addition, you also understand what marketing and advertising that is suitable for your products. However, what are the effective tricks & tips to persuade them? What sales copy is the most suitable for them?

To get feedback from the visitors is actually not difficult because you only need to do some techniques as follows:

* spread surveys and questionnaires.
Publish the material and the questionnaire survey in the sites, ezine, newsletter, direct mail, or even in your product package. To make them want to fill out the questionnaire, you can give free stuffs or offer certain services. Then you can post the results of questionnaires on message boards, mailing lists, or discussion forums.

* Create a specific community of your products users.
Precisely, create a forum for your customers. Create special site for only your customers in order they can share each other in chatroom, message board and email discussion or you can make it in your blog. What you have to do is to be their moderator. The goal is you will understand what your customers are talking about especially to develop your business.

* Provide several free quality products to certain customers. However, you have to ask them to use and to review your products. Besides, you have to make the evaluation form to fill out to get the honest opinions and suggestion. What they write in the form of evaluation is the valuable feedback for your future online business (bisnis internet) development.

* Maintain the relationships with your customers. You try to keep in touch with them regularly. For example: offering a free ezine subscription. Please tell them to update their products every time you make a change of your products and your website. Follow up all your customers to find out whether they are satisfied with your products or not. "Are they satisfied with my product?" Find the answer immediately!

* Make it simple and easy to contact you. Do not leave your customers if they want to contact you after purchasing your products. You have to maintain your credibility. If necessary, do not merely phone numbers that you provide. Give them your email address, and id chat. You should use hyperlink for your e-mail in order to ease your customers. Why, because they will be satisfied and think that you are credible and responsible. Make sure that they can directly contact you in one click. You have to know that making other people easy will also make yourself easy. Moreover, they are the customers that have bought your products. So, whenever they need, you have to be ready and whenever they want to complain, you are ready to listen.

* Contact your customers in their birthdays or holidays. Pay your attention for your customers with small gifts and prizes especially for loyal customers. The easiest way is by sending them greeting cards via email. When they are happy, they will surely respond your attention in a positive manner. If possible, you can invite them to join with you in your special events.
Based on the points described above, are you still confused about how to catch the feedback from the customers? Basically, take a care to other people if you want to get their attention. Send them your warm greeting if you want to get their response. Treat them well, they will also be in your favor.

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