What is the key of success in internet marketing? The answer is permission marketing. Permission marketing is a system that runs under ego. It will make your business increase sharply,if you understand. Here is the explanation: one of the biggest problems in the ads is how to make your ads interesting in order to attract attention of prospects and usually using an interruption. Now, with the permission marketing, your prospects will have their own volition. They want to learn your product and what the benefits by themselves. Permission marketing can change unfamiliar people to be your friends and from friends to be your loyal customers.

The rules and the primary thing in permission marketing is based on selfishness. It means that they allow you to promote your product to them only if they know what benefits you provide. This is a challenge which you must conquer. You must blandish your leads to focus on you and your products. You can explain a little about you and your company, and give them a useful offer. Besides, you have to let them to tell you about their business and their selves. After that, they usually want to know more about you and what you were talking about.

Below are the four rules of permission marketing:

1. Prospects have to give you permission. If not, you could not offer anything to him.

2. Permission is selfish. Your prospect will give you the permit only if they see clearly that there is advantage in your bid.

3. Permission can be unsubscribed. Your prospects can unsubscribe permission whenever they want. But, if you interact with them good, you do not have to loose them

4. Permission can not be transferred. You can not exchange with another person. It means that you only send an offer through e-mail to leads who really want to.

Why is the permission marketing reasonable? People have money to spend on products or services, but they do not have time to evaluate the bids and they know that you are the person they trust, so they buy your products or they buy other products because of your recommendation. That is why permission online marketing is key of internet marketing.

So, how to start the permission marketing that is very useful for our internet business (bisnis internet)?
1. Develop permission marketing program for your business with marketing interruption first in order to get permit from your leads. Let them know the existence of your website first and If they are welcome you and your offer, start doing the permission marketing such as sending email.
2. To increase opportunities for the purchase, make a written list of steps what should you take then.
3. Example of permission marketing is to offer a bonus, special report and I only send you if you are willing to enter your data name and email.

(based on Free Report of Joko Susilo "Formula Bisnis" )

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  1. Andrew // May 15, 2009 at 6:51 PM  


    thanks for your post. Normally the trend is to use search engine methods, email marketing and display advertising. Possessing an Internet marketing strategy that provides one with a measurable and definitive way to target the business market and position the business so that those looking for what you have to offer are able to locate you easily.

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