Several years ago, the smartphone is a mobile phone smart phone aka upper class. Because smartphones can be purchased only by the have people. Well, over time these things change as the smartphone is also affordable for mid range customers.

Nokia is the company's first mobile phone to make it happen, with cheap smartphone that runs on symbian platform, which has now flooded the market. No wonder today Nokia phone is world's largest smartphone manufacturer.

After Nokia, then Apple follow suit. He's redefining how people view the smartphone. Although smartrphone already sold more than before, they think there are still many people who did not know about the various functions within them. In a smart phone, Apple brought the design of a simple interface and provides convenience for users to store and find applications in an integrated manner.

Now, the smartphone market is no longer for high end market. Samsung claims to have been there in this business over a period of time. And already have a smartphone that supports almost all existing operating systems. However, recently even then Samsung phone comes with their own operating system, with the name of 'bada'.

According to reliable source of Techtree, when asked about this, the Samsung said that Bada was not planned to compete with other smartphone operating systems. In contrast, Samsung plans to bring touchscreen-based smartphone to the public. So fast, so that consumers will be able to see any cheaper touchscreen phones from Samsung, like the Samsung Corby S3650 phone and Star, which will run on operating systems Bada. Going forward, Samsung will focus on the Bada operating system for the whole range smart phone.


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