Motorola did not want too long hid latest handsets from the audience. Finally, Uncle Sam's cell phone manufacturers are introducing the CHARM, a smart phone that focuses exclusively on access to social networking.

CHARM Motorola's Android operating system appeared carrying v2.1 (eclair). And, the user interface to use the technology sector MOTOBLUR. The presence of a full QWERTY keyboard is certainly able to facilitate users to update Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services.

CHARM pin 2.8 touchscreen display with QVGA resolution (320x240 pixels), displayed in a field of more than half the square body. 3 MP camera in the classroom, with fixed-focus. To support roaming access to the virtual nature, the CHARM equipped 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi port.

Like today's new mobile phones, this Motorola phone also has microSD memory card slot. Devices also include Bluetooth and microUSB port. Unfortunately, this phone seems to be marketed only for T-Mobile customers. The price also unclear who would apply for the American operator customers to have it.


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