If you begin to run online business (bisnis internet) you have to learn much more before making any sites. The design of your websites is important but if you do not get any visitors your web is nothing. Paying to advertise on other websites may help you to get visitors, but this is a lot of money to spend and when you do not pay, the visitors stop coming
There are many aspects that make influence to your site, but the following rules will get you off to a good start and save you a lot of time and money.

1. Begin from the right basic
What you should to do if you want to launch sites, you have learn and learn how search engines work and what their rules. Some people do not realize the importance of SEO until after they have built a site and found that no-one is visiting it. The most important thing you can do when developing a new site is to build in your SEO right from the start. If you want to succeed in internet business, you have to know more about how SEO works from the expert to save a lot of your time and money. This will govern the whole structure of your site, the names and keywords you use for pages, the file names and alt text you select for images, the subjects you choose to cover on your site and even the whole theme of your website. It really takes time, particularly if your site is not small. There is one option open to you if you find that you have a site which you are happy with, apart from the fact that you have no visitors.

2. Analyze your competition
You know that key phrases are most important for your website, check out why other sites are in the top ten positions for these phrases now.
You should analyze their site very carefully, because whatever they are doing is what you need to be doing too. Besides you have to be smart to be the better. You have to ask SEO tool to analyze your competing websites quickly and easily, covering all the different aspects of your competitors, such as who is linking to them, what keywords they use on each page, keyword density, etc. Why the other sites are at the top of the search engine results pages and the other sites who have added links to them.
You should modify their strategies and get all of these links and pick out the ones that are doing the most good in terms of adding Pagerank, and target those to get links for your own site.

3. Make it Automatic
You should think how to make everything just simple by avoiding any repetition action as you have to pay much attention to the most important jobs. I am thinking to optimize keyword research and analysis, submission to directories, seeking link exchange partners, article submission, etc. You should not doing these manually or you will have no time for other important things. However, you have to be careful when you depend on machines to do your jobs or google will penalize your site because it think you have make spam. To help to do your routine works, I am sure you can find SEO tool when when search google or other search engines.

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