Now, I am talking about affiliate program. Most people say that it is the easiest way to get money from internet almost without spending any money. I am sure everyone can do it if he wants to. Everything is available in internet that you can get for free to build your internet business through affiliate program.
You do not need but a computer and internet connection to begin your business, and you should do as follows:

1. Of course, you have to sign up the trusted affiliate marketing companies for free to begin your business.

2. Find out the products that offer you at least 50% commission and pays you minimum $15 per sale.

3. Look at their homepages carefully. Find out affiliate link at the end of page and click to get the free promotion tool to help you to promote their product then.
Normally, the affiliate page should contain URL you can use or adapt to your own words, and other necessary information.

4. Create a blog and write the useful contents suit the products you have chosen and do not forget to insert the link using certain keywords as anchor texts.
You can start to set up a blog using, it is free. Now, it's time to let the world know your blog starting by submitting it to web directories, pinging it any time you make any changes. Also you can promote your blog on forums, post comments and blog commenting. Therefore, if any visitors arrive at your blog and they click the links and decide to buy then you make money.

5. Use autoresponder to catch the leads with free ebook.
Your e-book has to be relevant with your blog topic and your product. You can search in google to find many free auto responder and select the best one. Insert your product link in your free e-book because when someone read and are interested with your product, he buys from your links. Those are the basic and just simple steps of achieving success in affiliate marketing.


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