I am sure that most bloggers are very familiar with paid program reviews. One of the ways to make money blogging is It is relatively new get paid to post program compared with other paid review programs. Nevertheless, it is a good and free program for blogger to join.

It is not difficult to join because you can submit your blogs even with PR 0. Recently, my blog with PR 0 is approved after waiting for 3 days and now, I get another source to make money online with my blog. Therefore, if you don’t submit your blog yet, please sign up to join and add your blogs up to 10 blogs per account.

What you have to do after that is just waiting for approval. It may takes few days until you receive an e-mail to inform you that your blog has been approved. Log in using your username and password and find a code to install in your blog template. For the detail you can see at payingpost dashboard

To get a job from is easy, you just log in, find and click "open opportunity". If you find the green color, it means that you have a job to be done. Take that job and read the instructions carefully, for example: what topic to review, how many words you have to write, how many links you have to place in you review and the maximum time you have to finished your job and so on. Do it as soon as possible and submit your post link to paying post if you have done. After that, wait for approval for your review in few days. I suggest you to log in as frequently as possible because you don’t know when the team offers the job whether in the morning, afternoon or night.

Beside that, you have paypal address to receive the payment from this program. If you don’t have it yet, please sign in for free and the minimum pay out is $25.

It’s a really good program to make money blogging and I am sure that this program will be the best choice for you to get paid to blog. So, I myself recommend you to sign and join this easy, free and the best paid review program in internet as soon as possible.


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